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Looking for an exciting opportunity as a community volunteer, interested in working behind the scenes to bring more new music to eager audiences? Make new friends while gaining experience in bookings, hosting, marketing, promotion, artist hospitality, concert production, etc. etc. in the Sedona Jam Emerging Artists' Music Festival!

Volunteers in the Sedona Jam are a critical part of the success of this Emerging Artists Music Festival. We are seeking dedicated individuals to supplement our staff. Volunteers are needed to help with all aspects of the 2007 festival, before, during and after!.

Sedona hosts visitors from around the world and this is an excellent opportunity to make them feel at home. As a volunteer you will contribute the the Sedona Jam running smoothly. You are a community ambassador encouraging attendees of the festival to have a great time. Each volunteer plays an integral part to the festival.

Know something about music and the industry? You may want to join in as a technical volunteer.

Just want to have a good time and rub elbows with music types? Choose the general volunteer category.

Either way, we know you just love music so please fill out a form and return it to us as soon as you can. Applicants will be assigned positions based upon when their application is received, their skills and availability, and Festival needs.

Some FAQ's

What is the age requirement?

The minimum age for a Sedona Jam volunteer is 16 years old. Exceptions can be made, especially within groups that may have adult leadership, such as scouts or school classes.

What kind of work should a volunteer expect?

Sedona Jam Emerging Artists Music Festival will ask volunteers to help out with various duties inside and around the festival venues to ensure that everyone has a safe and rollicking fun time.

How long is a shift?

Exact shift times are variable depending upon the assignment, so please let us know if you are interested in becoming a volunteer and what your availability is and we will contact you. We'd like a minimum of 4 hour shifts please.

What do I receive as a volunteer of the 2007 Sedona Jam Emerging Artists Music Festival?

Volunteers will receive a Sedona Jam Emerging Artists Music Festival Volunteer t-shirt, which we ask you to wear during the time of your shifts.

Can my Group/Organization volunteer?

The Sedona Jam Emerging Artists Music Festival welcomes all groups/organizations to help with the festival. Please submit a form and also request more information about your organization volunteering and we will be in contact with you. We can sign off on service hours for different organizations.

What do I get as a volunteer?

  • Volunteers will have access to the Festival venues for the weekend, back stage, without charge.
  • Volunteers will receive a Volunteer T-shirt, which will be worn for their shifts especially.
  • Volunteers will receive respectful treatment.
  • What is expected from a volunteer?

The Volunteer as an informal representative of our arts and culture community in Sedona, agrees to the following understanding with the Sedona Jam Emerging Artists Music Festival:

  • Volunteers complete and submit truthful Volunteer Application Forms.
  • Volunteers attend committee meetings if necessary.
  • Volunteers complete Festival volunteer assignments in a satisfactory way (showing up on time for shifts, staying required duration, wearing volunteer T-shirt while on shift, respectful treatment of other volunteers, staff, performers, and patrons of the Festival.)
  • Volunteers abide by the policies of the Sedona Jam Emerging Artists Music Festival, including, but not limited to, zero tolerance for use of controlled drugs and alcohol, and harassment.
What is the difference between a general volunteer and a technical volunteer?

General volunteers have above all a good attitude, willingness, and should be professional and friendly. From behind the scenes roles for the shy and retiring, to out-front-with-the-public roles for the outgoing and adaptable person, general volunteer jobs are many and varied. From tickets to ushering, from roady work to site set-up, you can tell us whether you work better with the public or on a team responsible for making the event work. You can tell us whether you work best sitting or standing, moving and hauling, schmoozing or tallying and and we will work to put you where you do best and will have the most fun.

Technical volunteers have background or experience in stage productions, stage management, backstage chaos and support, sound, instruments, lighting, especially in live music. These volunteers are comfortable with time management, are adaptable to multiple situations in a hectic environment, are able to communicate effectively in a professional and friendly manner, can be be professional around Artists, Celebrities and Record Company executives, and must be responsible, courteous and have an excellent attitude. They have skills in the controlled chaos and excitement of entertainment production and are proud of it. We welcome them!

What if I am not sure what I'd like to do?

You can always email us at and tell us what you are thinking. And you are never locked into either a general or technical role – just fill out a volunteer form and we will work it our together!

Click here to fill out a general volunteer form or a technical volunteer form.