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Artists from the 2007 Festival:

Amber Norgaard
Tucson, Arizona

Amber often has the audience stunned at how such a big voice and dynamic energy come from such a petite artist.  In Arizona, she’s described as "truly a great songwriter and performer."  The Iowa Entertainer comments, "Her lyrics don’t paint a picture, they grab your arm."  Amber’s music is a mix of pop, folk and rock.  Written with well-crafted and honest lyrics, her songs address the human experience, touching issues common to many in the journey of life.

Hailing from the Iowa plains, Amber emerged from the family farm with a burning desire to see the world and be of service to others.  From volunteer work in the Dominican Republic as a nurse, to nursing in the Alaskan bush region, the long, dark cold nights, mixed with the extreme Alaskan lifestyle, proved to be the perfect environment for a young songwriter. 

She eventually traveled 4500 miles across the continent to the Sonoran Desert. Armed with the confidence of being a semi-finalist in the Alaska Public Radio song of the Year Contest, she put her music to disc and hit the ground running with the release her debut album Soul In Motion in July 2004.  Her new album Rising was released in May 2006.  Soon after its release, Amber was voted runner-up as the Up and Coming Artist of the Year in the Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES).

Amber has performed at events such as the Invasion of the GoGirls at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX, the Provincetown Women’s Kickass Independent Songwriters showcase (Provincetown, MA), Big Arizona Music Festival (Tucson, AZ), McDowell Mountain Music Festival (Scottsdale, AZ), the Alaska Women’s Music Festival, and many more nationwide.

Daniel Ward

Having studied classical and flamenco - and later touring with Nuevo flamenco icon Ottmar Liebert between ’97 and 2000 - New Mexico guitarist Daniel Ward stakes out his own musical territory with the 2006 CD release of "After The Storm." He styles himself a "crossover" or hybrid player.

Much like the scenery around the Santa Fe / Sedona area of the southwest, Daniel Ward’s guitar music is both pastoral and harmonically satisfying. Demonstrating impeccable technique and a knack for composing Nuevo flamenco, World beat jazz and soft samba sounds, Ward excels on nylon string guitar, electric guitar, bass, percussion, and keyboards while receiving support from percussionist John Bartlit, and a number of side players.   And beyond his sophisticated artistry he has also reached popular status as evidenced with the 5 songs that have charted every month in the top 2500 downloads on the worldwide service " since listing February of 2006.  He has also garnered the Winner Best Song award for  "ISTANBUL," chosen as best song from the "After the Storm" CD in Global Rhythm Magazine's March 2007 issue.

Darrin Allen
Pocatello, Idaho

Born in Pocatello, ID around the rustic beauty of rural life, Darrin Allen had music in his blood from an early age. A 6’4" tall, casual performer, Darrin Allen doesn’t bring a lot of shimmy and shake, just The Classic Cowboy Way with true country music.

A true emerging artist, Darrin was an electrician by trade, who went public with his dream and startled audiences and friends - "He can sing! I didn’t know he could sing."

His first record, THE HARDEST JOB, sold 3200 units right off.  A new release, THE COWBOY WAY, features his own material with help from some of Nashville’s best writers: Hank Cochran, Red Lane, Kirk Roth, Scott Patrick, Tony Stampley and Mark Dreyer. THE COWBOY WAY was released with radiodirectx on Aug. 2006 and is listed among the top 10 digidirectx downloads, receiving radio airplay worldwide.  His piece Man in the Mirror hit #1 out of 24,800+ songs on soundclick internet radio.

Delaney Gibson
Sherman Oaks, California

Check out Delaney on MTV's "My Own" singing and remaking a hit video! (check local listings for showtime) – If you like Natasha Bendingfield – you’ll like Delaney Gibson.        

A voice filled with honesty, charm, and beauty defines the sweet vocals of Delaney Gibson. Not only has Delaney earned the respect of fellow musicians, but Southern California press has described the budding singer/songwriter as ..."an undiscovered brilliant vocalist..."  She has been deservingly honored by sharing the stage with many well-known artists including: Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, Andrea Bocelli,Russell Watson. and David Foster.  Delaney has starred on the Fox show "Boston Public" as a singer and dancer and MTV's "My Own" remaking Natasha Bedingfields track, "These Words.".

Delaney's EP, "Cruel and Beautiful", a collection of beautifully charming songs that were produced by Michael Raphael (Neve, Columbia Records.), is currently being played on:

Taxi-the worlds leading independent A&R company says about Delaney

"...A winning combination of radio pop and modern rock.  Like Christina Aguilera crossed with Gwen Stefani..."

Delaney is truly a gifted musician with enough originality in her songs and sound to set her apart from the glutted music scene.  Her sultry, classically trained voice allows the listener to become actively engaged in songs of independence, love, and breakups, transporting the audience to a world of sincerity and beauty.

Evolution Eden
Portola Valley, California


Brandon Owens: Vocals and Guitars
Mike "Pap" Pappas: Vocals and Guitars
Andy Hewett: Bass, Keyboards, and Backing Vocals
Jim Bove: Drums


Evolution Eden not only pleases audiences stateside but has two songs on the World Indie Pop Charts: "Puppet On A String" is currently at #10, while "Ordinary Girl" is #25 thanks to Australian audiences. Showing their diversity, the band has cross over potential, with "Summer Nights" currently being played on Country radio in Nashville.

So what do they sound like?

Mix the screaming guitars and big vocals of Def Leppard with the story telling of Bon Jovi. Toss in the take no prisoners attitude of Nickelback and the pop sensibilities of the Goo Goo Dolls and this gives you an idea of the excitement around the band Evolution Eden.

Winners of KGO’s 2005 Best Music You’ve Never Heard contest, Evolution Eden’s debut CD Story Road sweeps the listener through the sonic spectrum of emotions. From the fist pumping sounds of  "Puppet on a String" to the delicate textures of "Ordinary Girl"; soulful power ballad "Love Goes Something Like This," and audience favorite "Summer Nights" clearly illustrate the bands lyrical command and musical capabilities. Finally, the award winning bombastic hit "Walls of Wonderland" leaves no doubt that Evolution Eden is a band to watch!

Right now Evolution Eden is currently being heard in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Belarus, The Netherlands, and Denmark.   Driven from the positive reaction to their captivating live show, Evolution Eden is actively playing all over the West Coast and beyond...catch them while you can!

gilli moon
Beverly Hills, California

gilli moon’ latest album sound is groove oriented, mixing sensuous basslines, emotional piano and her incredible lilting melodic voice, with self-penned songs.  With an emphasis on organic, raw musical textures, gilli’s trademark "edge" is ever present, combining a cool rebelliousness of eclectic guitars, techno loops, live drums and world-beat percussion.  Herself reviewed as "…ever theatrical, outspoken and with an extremely dynamic, extensive and expressive vocal range, she’s all about girl power, sexuality and peace."

gilli (pronounced like as with a 'j') has received rave print and online press reviews and won many awards,  besides working with other highly respected prominent artists, including Simple Minds, Placido Domingo and Eric Idle (Monty Python). She has had music at No. 1 on the Australian site and is constantly featured on numerous online e-zines, radio stations and music sites for her outstanding achievements. As the only independent artist represented, Gilli graces the first Salon Sounds CD compilation for 10,000 Paul Mitchell hair product salons, alongside Norah Jones.  Warrior Girl Music, the record label she created, was honored with ‘Label of the Year’ award at Philadelphia’s 2003’s Independent Music Conference.

gilli moon is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, pianist, actor, producer, author, painter, motivator, entrepreneur, visionary and empowering community builder. All that and with the voice of a siren, her piano purging songs ooze raw emotion and sensuality. gilli moon is the quintessential renaissance woman.

Wingo, Kentucky


Casey Hutchins, Lead Vocals and Guitar
Nathanael Bazzell, Backup Vocals, Guitar
Darrin Hobbs, Bass
Jeremy Fox, Drums


Everything about the four-piece dynamo known as Given – its wrenching, emotional sound, the searching quality in its lyrics, even its name – traces back to one fateful night, when in seconds this band changed forever.

The roots of this music lie in the combination of players playing the party circuit at Murray State University in Kentucky years back. These were amiable gigs: plenty of cover songs in the set, plenty of beer in the kegs. Word spread about their shows, and soon they were getting booked outside of town.

They were on their way to one such gig at Paducah early on the evening of March 31, 2001. Casey was driving at the time …

Life changed instantly for everyone in the band.  Members were injured but Jeremy, unconscious and broken for weeks, was unable to play at full capacity for a year and there were questions about whether the group should stick together at all. But for Casey, the answer was clear: even as Jeremy lay unconscious before his slow recovery, he began feeling the stir of new songs in his imagination.

"I used to write more typically pop material," he explains. "But because of the accident I found myself in a state of mind that motivated me to write a different kind of lyric."  The new songs poured out and  "Around that same time a radio station in town played one of our songs," Nathanael adds. "We had a lot of positive response. That helped get us all onboard again: We decided to get out of the cover scene, and committed ourselves to playing original music."

The depth of their new material pushed them toward a more electric setting; their vocal harmonies took on more force to cut through this mix, like beacons through a storm.   By 2003 they had taken on a new name – Given, referring to the second chance fortune had bestowed upon all of them.

Clearly, this isn’t standard pop. Neither is it a circus of metal clichés. Rather, Given delivers something unique: honest stories of doubt and faith, confessions of confusion amidst flashes of understanding, projected to the world by the strength of their performance.

Their adventure is just beginning … that’s Given.

Haven James

Musical gypsies,  riffs and lead guitar lines weaving through melody, rhythm and time changes, back-beat maintaining a steady and addictive groove – this is Haven James. They write that their original songs translate beyond the boundaries of age and convention and communicate the warmth and intimacy of a folk band with the power and energy of a rock band.

The band embraces the craft of songwriting and reaches their audience with dynamic sound-scapes and expressive, universal themes and lyrics. Jen Powelson , the rhythm guitarist and lead singer, writes about intimate conversations spoken through whispers under the cover of shadows. She speaks to the fallibility of the human condition and the fragile threads that bind love and loss and hope and fear. She sings with a soulful passion that transports the listener to those anxious nights where one awaits the call of a lover.  Joe Bauman, the lead guitarist, Drew Tedford, drummer and percussionist and Pete Laing, are able to connect these themes with sincerity in their musical backdrop. The whole of the Haven James experience leaves the listener with a feeling that they have been part of something as genuine and honest as it is passionate.

Hide from Cleo


Lori Keisler - Lead Vocals, Guitar (Railroad track and Sledge hammer)
Jay (Dr. Knobs) Valley - Vocals, Bass Guitar.
Eric D'Aigle - Vocals, Drums/Percussion.
Steve Haupert - Lead Vocals, Slide, Rythm and Lead Guitar.

Designated one of Detroit’s top ten bands at the Emergenza Music Festival for 2006, Hide from Cleo has obviously appeared on the music scene. That’s old news to the locals in Tawas, Michigan who have known this band could play for years now. Known for their energetic live performances and lyrical creativity they mix a folky versatile rock sound. Listeners are refreshed to know that rock is still alive and it lives in Michigan.

Hide from Cleo has been drawing on the extensive song writing and performing backgrounds of the individuals to produce music that ranges from Hard Rock to R&B, crossover folk, country and blues. Members of the band have shared the stage with Kid Rock, played the House of Blues in Las Vegas and have been a big part of the Michigan Music scene for years.

Reviewers toss out names like Stevie Nicks, Joe Cocker, Tom Waits, Counting Crows, Janis Joplin – but wait – they have their own distinctive sound.  It’s the good memories, the professional power of those legendary performers that comes to mind when listening to Hide from Cleo.  They are original, intelligent, and sometimes experimental.  Their music video "Rosarito" has been selected by CMT (Country Music Television) as the "Music City Madness Pick of the Week" and is playing in National TV slots on CMT as well as Canadian television’s  Dirt TV.  They have an original piece selected for an upcoming movie and are commonly on air in the US version of the Great White North.

Holly Light
Long Beach, California


Solo to full band...current configuration:
Holly Light: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica
Lori Valesko: percussion
Nancy Dolye: bass, vocals


As Michael Allison of writes, "Holly Light and her great Adult Alternative Pop style can charm even the most critical music fan. Her seductive vocals and passionate songwriting make her a definite force in her genre…To me, that is music that is all too rare."

Already having songs from her next album release nominated for an Independent Music Award (Los Angeles), "Forgiveness Road" truly captures Holly Light's seductive vocals and passionate songwriting.  And she delivers - her voice pleads and growls, easily sliding between blackened blues, raw ballads and grizzly pop all laced with the guitar chops of a seasoned pro. Electric or acoustic, Holly is at home with a guitar in hand and an audience to woo. She cooks up a recipe of deliciousness all her own that always leaves you wanting more.

Light has been named "Winner: DIY 2002 Songwriter of the Year."  And Derek Sivers, President, states "Reminds me of everything I loved about Sheryl Crow... 8 out-of-10 stars!"  What’s not to like about this versatile singer songwriter with a strong folk vibe, thoughtful lyrics, lush music and great vocals threading their way through her music.

In My Skin
Sedona, Arizona


KB - acoustic guitar & vocals
Eric Miller - leag guitar & backing vocals
"Uncle " Marc Wolin - keyboards & backing vocals
Mike Kelley - bass
Mike Leibowitz - drums

KB is the self-taught musician behind In My Skin, an Arizona band.  KB's style  has been likened to Cat Stevens, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.  "I write things that are around me and try to do so with passion and conviction." says the author of 4 screenplays and over 700 songs.

Founding  member of "Grateful Fred" and "Cold December," he honed his craft in Fairbanks, Alaska. Later he moved to Los Angeles where he met and joined up as a bassist with British hard-hitting heavy metal band Fastway.   KB can point to himself during his youth in training in the classic Fastway video "Bad,  Bad Girls, formerly a favorite on MTV’s "Headbangers Ball," and still available on  

Austin, Texas

Musician, Writer, Vocalist, Performer, Producer of electronic dance music, sexy singer from Australia Jacinta's single current single DESTINATION, released May 2006, is soaring on the Billboard Dance and Radio charts, following the success of her single SUNSHINE which hit #20 on Billboard's Dance Club Chart in early 2006.

Texas Shout Magazine claimed "she could very well be Australia’s finest export to date...way sexier than Kylie, more sensitive than Olivia, possessing a demanding stage presence the likes of INXS or AC/DC, and writing songs destined to be as memorable as some of Men At Work’s finest." An accomplished international singer/songwriter, her music embodies dynamic beats, hypnotic vocals, and an overall infectious nature that captivates and allures her audience with her intoxicating style.

Keyboard Magazine likes to say "All dance divas are not created equal. Some focus on bling, leaving the compositional duties to a cadre of producers. An accomplished keyboardist and technology geek-ette, Jacinta not only captivates with her summery blonde beauty, but composes her own club tracks using a variety of synth and software goodies — a rarity in these days of assembly line pop."

"I adore electronic music production and find that it requires infusing your energy and emotion to really come alive," Jacinta explains. "For me, the biggest challenge is getting the artist’s soul to shine through." She also says. "I just adore Myspace...The opportunities to collaborate are phenomenal, how would you ever find people in Israel or in Russia? … Sharing ideas and working together with other people is a real transference of energy..."

Jacinta earned the nickname "Jack," drawn from the old adage, "Jack of all trades, Master of none." Instead, Jacinta strives to be a master of one, a master of herself. This mantra extends not only her personal and professional lives, but the advice she offers to young musicians - always being true to themselves and their creativity. She is a genuinely upbeat persona whose ultimate goal is to bring happiness to people through her music.

Manhattan Beach, California


Mike Oristian: keys & lead vocals
Romanze Willoughby: bass
Shannon Williams: drums


When pianobar crooner Mike Oristian plugged his Rhodes electric piano into a gritty combo amp, a sound was born - a sound with jazz voicings and rock attitude. Then there was the rebellion.   The attempt to fit in, to toe the line, to take only what was given.  The boy enrolled at Stanford University and pursued Environmental Engineering and launched into a consulting career that would have been just dandy ...

The path would not be straight.  Because boy had the face of a young Paul Newman or Robert Redford with the plasticity of Jim Carrey, so his Los Angeles trials included those of the stage and the screen.  UPN wanted his Spiccoli-ness as a series regular for their failed pilot "The Edge".  The following year Disney wanted the piano maverick as their very own Paul Schaeffer for "The Tony Danza Show" ... but in the wee small hours of the morning, Mike was working with some of the best to define the sound of :kB: namely Charles Goodan (Santana, The Dust Brothers); Geoff Tyson (T-Ride, Snake River Conspiracy); and Chris Campbell (Infidel Incorporated)

Coinciding the release of Kilo Bravo, Mike hired Shannon Williams, a blind drummer from New Mexico and Romanze Willoughby, a virtuoso bass player from Virginia with 9 years experience in the Navy Band to  bring their phenomenal musicianship to the live manifestation of KluverBucy.

In Los Angeles, they are favorites on the club scene, with debut EP: Kilo Bravo (2006)  - come discover the birth of their music!

lisa turner
Glendale, California


Lisa Turner, one acoustic Ibanez guitar with onboard electronics.


Lisa Turner plays what might be described as Celtic-tinged acoustic power folk-rock. Her songs are revealing, deeply personal, yet easy to relate to.  Lisa is right in the vanguard of the new generation of female songwriters who not only sing, but have taken the time to master their instrument as well – she is at ease with smokin' tight guitar licks, and her pulsing guitar, her Melissa Ethridge meets Sarah McLachlin vocal delivery, together with her distinctive, very long and thick blonde hair make her a very compelling act to watch onstage.  Paul Anderson of the LA Times loves her, saying, "Her crystal-clear voice will make your head turn.  And once you hear her folk-based songs, you're hooked..."

In 2003, Lisa Turner won the Hollywood "Performing Songwriters Boot Camp" Competition at Highland Grounds. This last year, she was one of 10 finalists at the Wildflower Arts & Music Festival in Richardson, Texas.

Lisa Turner delivers smartly crafted songs in a variety of colors and textures in plainspoken stories and with honesty and depth of emotion.  Moving songs of loss and heartbreak.  Songs that remind us it's the simple things that matter most. Songs that tell us to open our hearts and love.

Mark Wayne Glasmire
Arlington, Texas


Mark Wayne Glasmire -Acoustic guitar, Harmonica, Lead and Back-up Vocals.


The Dallas Morning News styled Americana singer-songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire as one who wears his influences like he picks his guitar — with unabashed honesty. The artist, who was raised in Bethlehem, Pa., and is now based in Arlington, has an easy singing and playing style and the Dallas Morning News compares him to the folksy sound of James Taylor, the occasional island jaunt of Jimmy Buffett and the comfortable, melodic country vibe of Dan Seals.

Mark Wayne Glasmire has been fortunate to share the stage with many well known acts such as Tom Paxton, Arlo Guthrie, Tracy Chapman, Susan Vega, John Gorka, Jessie Winchester, Melanie and Gordon Lightfoot.  His history includes recognition from the New York Times during the span of time he performed there before moving to Nashville, TN to become more involved in the creative community that flourishes in the nation's songwriting capital. 

Mark is a prolific writer, has had songs in the top 3 in Europe and has received extensive airplay for the past several years throughout parts of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  He obviously enjoys his craft and is always a favorite with crowds because of his good humor and honest rapport with the audience, which augment his outstanding talent as a performing artist and original songwriter.

Martha Reich
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Martha Reich's first public performance was in the summer of ‘94 were she played and sang her original songs at the "Rockport Acoustic Festival," Rockport MA., accompanied by Rod Oliver, who later went on to produced her first CD "The Color of Blue," on the Okay Music Label.
She has performed at various Coffee Houses, in the Boston area, to include "Club Passim", "The Glass Sail Boat" and "Art Space" in Gloucester, MA.

Since Martha has been calling Santa Fe, N.M. her home, she has performed at "The Mission", in Grants. "Second Street Brewery," "Border Books," "Starbucks," "Saint Elizabeth’s Shelter", for "Outside In," "Bar B," " The CD Cafe", "Aztec Cafe", and "The CowGirl Hall of Fame", in Santa Fe. "The Blue Dragon" in Albuquerque, and was chosen to play at the "Outpost Performance Space" for "All Star Open Mic Night", in 2000, and recently was selected as a finalist at the 2006 New Mexico State Fair Talent Showcase.

She has also ventured out to play at the Kerrville Folk Festival, in and around Colorado, and California.
Martha’s first CD "The Color Of Blue" is comprised of 10 songs that are windows into her life experiences. She does so with a voice and feeling that is often compared to Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Dar Williams. It has been said "she has the voice of an angel", ... David Byrnes, owner of the CD Cafe, Santa Fe, N.M. Her writing is poignant and heartfelt. "She had everyone mesmerized", says David Lescht, Director of "OutSide In".

Martha has just released her new CD "Evidence of Life". The CD has the added benefit of Josh Martin on Bass and Mandolin, Michael Kott on Cello, Alicia Ultan on Viola, Larry Mitchell on additional guitar.

Anchorage, Alaska


We are 4 vocals, key boards, guitar, bass, drums, African djembe, didgeridoo.


We call it Tribal Funk and World Music... And so will you!

It is our enchanting Inuit harmonies, the sound of the didgeridoo, and the thunderous roll of the African djembe that causes a rich explosion of cultures.

We as Pamyua perform in many ways, one as an a cappella group in which traditional Inuit songs are mixed into a unique classification of sound. To experience the fullness, you must hear and see us perform with the various styles and arrangements of the ultimate new world-groove.

The well-mixed sound re-interrupts what cultural music is all about. We're creating a sound that has it's own culture  - it's African - it's Inuit. We have created a sound that will make you believe that there is an actual musical tradition for our mixed heritage. Enjoy!

At the 45th Annual Grammy Awards in March of 2003 the group was chosen to represent Native American music. The Celebration of American Music was held at Times Square Studios, NY. Pamyua lived up to their reputation as a highly energized and entertaining group. The concert was just prior to the release of their anticipated third album, Caught in the Act, which won Record of the Year at the 2003 Native American Music Awards.

In Alaska, the band Pamyua sells more CD’s than Michael Jackson and Madonna. The popularity is grounded in a unique combination of the Inuit ancient singing and drumming traditions, with the use of modern soul and pop.

The quartet has taken stage in many venues across the world stealing hearts and gaining listeners with their fresh and unique sound. Pamyua masters the ability to mix traditions from across all boundaries while still holding on to their Native roots.

Robin Wynn
Charlottesville, Virginia


Robin Wynn - Vocals, Guitar
Mark Goldstein - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Blake Wheeler - Bass, Vocals
Lea Calvani - Percussion, Vocals
John Alietta - Drums
Clayton Avent - Cello


Robin Wynn is more than just another woman with a good voice and a guitar. Singing since she could speak, the Virginia native creates a mix of rock, pop, and folk that grabs the ear and goes straight to the heart of every person in the room. Robin began her musical career at the ripe old age of 24, as a single mother, a full time social services worker, and a student of life with something to say. With Oblivion, her first album, Wynn served up a mixture of rock-laden cuts and softer ballads that make for a remarkable debut.

Robin Wynn doesn’t sound like a first-timer. The folk-country/rocker from Charlottesville, VA crafts her songs and uses her powerfully angelic voice like a tenured veteran. Sounding like an in-tune Sheryl Crow or Shania Twain, Wynn uses a six-piece rock band, including her acoustic guitar, to make very tight rock tunes—but she is most successful when those instruments don’t clutter her voice. Now she finds herself, without any real past musical background besides "a John Denver album," in the semi-finals of a contest sponsored by Mountain Stage, the radio program credited with boosting the careers of Ani DiFranco, the Barenaked Ladies, and Ryan Adams.

"…She’ll easily please fans of Tori Amos, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow as well as countless others in the same vein," says music reviewer Ron Fuchs.  But he also credits her with staying pure and untainted, non commercial in her folk-rock pop music -  unlike other big corporate songsters.

Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave
Sedona, Arizona


Shawn Michael Perry - vocals, keyboards acoustic guitar, HUNTER REDDAY percussion/ ALL STAR LINE UP


Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave are breaking new ground as a solid American rock band.  Shawn recently garnered a finalist nomination for best rock album in last year's Indian Summer Music Awards. The track "Fight" penned by Shawn was recently heard on Spike TV’s docu-drama chronicling the life and career of tennis pro Poncho Gonzalez.  As of 1/1/ 2007, his song FOREVER has received airplay on over 20,000, radio stations worldwide.

Shawn’s latest CD, which was recently honored at Milwaukee's Indian Summer Music Festival is  # 10 on the independent country charts.  He has shared the headline with legends such as Redbone, Grammy winner Bill Miller, Barenaked Ladies, and Grammy winner Mary Youngblood.  Shawn Michael Perry and Only the Brave can also be heard on most Native American radio stations, and mainstream radio programs.

San Antonio, Texas

Window has paired enigmatic lyrics with an eclectic mixture of Reggae, Latin, Country, Blues and Rock to create an original and captivating sound. The band’s youthful fusionists’ sound has been compared to the musical style of Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, Counting Crows and Ben Harper.

Jimmy Dasher, 2003-04 San Antonio Acoustic Guitarist of the Year, approached Nick Merv in 2004 with visions of the future. In 2005, Window found its completion with the full time additions of Paul Venzor on drums and Brady Renner on electric bass.   And so Window was born breathing new life into folk music with the instrumental additions of the harmonica, mandolin, piano, vibes and lap steel. The group has performed with the talent of Sister Hazel, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Topaz, Roger Creager, and Randy Coleman.  Window has been featured at a few large live-music festivals including the Pecan Street, Texas Rock, SouthBySouth Austin Festival, and South By Southwest.

"…don't get the idea these guys are just sitting around strumming. Dasher is a hot-handed guitarist in the Monte Montgomery vein and band members have musical and vocal chops galore..." said Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News. The band considers itself diverse and eclectic, according to guitarist Jimmy Dasher, incorporating the use of mandolin and harmonica into their reggae and Latin infused sound.