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About the Jam

Come discover live music in the way it was meant to be heard – personally, fully, warmly!

Select your own array of performers at locations happy to treat you to fine music and fine company.

Indulge your own musical adventure in small settings designed to give you a great experience.

What is it:

A boutique-sized, upscale emerging artists music mini-fest with indie performers and major label others that will entice music enthusiasts and Sedona Marathon attendees to enjoy the evenings of the weekend June 20th and 21st, 2008.   It is not only entertainment but an independently appealing series of venues for industry professionals to artistically network.

Why is it:

Emerging artists playing in the boutique locations have a distinctive intimate exchange between audience and industry in venues that give opportunities to the art of music to grow and be nurtured in a community that heartily supports arts and culture.

Who would enjoy it:

18-55 year old arts and music aficionados, Sedona Marathon event attendees, artists, producers, DJ's , other industry professionals from record labels, celebrity artists, promoters, venue owners, radio stations, booking agents, management companies.

Where will it be:

The selected locations are great for intimate venues, such as the Amara Creekside Resort and the Bistro Bella Terra.  Times and locations are limited, so reserve early.  Get on the mailing list for announcements here.

Who will play:

In the first year, the musicians will be on an invitation only basis but in future years as Sedona Jam grows, groups will be invited to submit for consideration into the program.  Go to the schedule page for more details.

Why you should come:

Attend the first year of what will become another arts and culture legend in Sedona. Network and relax at the same time.  Be among the first to recognize musical art in the making.