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Sedona Jam honors the renegade, the truthteller, the iconoclast in all of us by inviting you to participate in listening and sharing the creative artistry of new and emerging musical performers June 20th and 21st, 2008. Come feel the birth of music!! Come hear new voices!! Feel the vortex vibe of Sedona!

Small venue locations in Sedona will showcase musical talent several times a night for this first year's weekend festival. Come celebrate the initiation of a new music festival in Sedona. Come see performers who maybe the next discovered talents of the 21st century.

Sedona with its western history from farmer to cowboy to artist to mystic searcher, has always been a little bit renegade. What a perfect fit, what a perfect backdrop for a music festival heralding the new trends in listening - an emerging artists music festival - Sedona Jam.

A refreshing underground movement allowing new and emerging artists to peek up above the managed and carefully crafted world of reigning music empires has taken hold. Audiences craving innovative and fresh artistry can finally find music performers - not glossed and polished into the sameness of top 40 hit-makers, but raw, talented, truthful and energetic, professional and yet fiercely faithful to their own branding of music and art. Sedona Jam beckons artist and audience to come celebrate the new.

Not since the dawn of the electronic age have so many artists finally been able to make a mark outside of the hallowed halls of major music labels, and the majors are recognizing the potential for farming and discovering new talent in unexplored venues. Small publishers and labels, the internet, podcasting - all are recognizing and mining talent that in recent decades may have gone unheard. And Sedona Jam joins this train into the future in its first annual festival June 20th and 21st, 2008.